New setup for multi-parametric MRI in young an old rat gastrocnemius at 4.7&7T during muscle stimulation

10 September 2021 par Super Administrateur [TheChamp-Sharing]

Abstract :

T1 and T2 relaxation times combined with 31P spectroscopy have been proven efficient for muscular diseases’ characterization as well as for pre- and post- muscle stimulation measurements. Even though 31P can already be performed during muscle exercise, no method for T1 and T2 measurement enables this possibility. In this project, a complete setup and protocol for multi-parametrical MRI of the rat gastrocnemius before, during and after muscle stimulation at 4.7 and 7T is presented. The setup is fully MRI-compatible and is composed of a cradle, an electro-stimulator and an electronic card in order to synchronize MRI sequences with muscle stimulation. A 2D triggered radial-encoded Look-Locker sequence was developed and enabled T1 measurements in less than 2min on stimulated muscle. Also, a MSME sequence was adapted and synchronized for T2 measurements as well as 31P spectroscopy acquisitions in less than 4min in both cases on stimulated muscle. Methods were validated on young rats using different stimulation paradigms. Then it was applied on older rats to compare quantification results, using the different stimulation paradigms, and allowed observation of metabolic changes related to aging with good reproducibility. The robustness of the whole setup shows wide application opportunities.